Remaining Phase 1 Floor Plans

3 bedroom atrium town house floor plan (2J)

3 bedroom townhouse loop floor plan (7B)

Available Phase 2 Floor Plans

Phase 2 includes buildings 4 and 5, which each have three units. The end units are 1,355 sq. feet and the middle units are 1,159 sq. feet. End units have three bedrooms and middle units have an option for either 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms.

Buildings 4 & 5 end units (three bedroom townhouse)

Buildings 4 & 5 middle unit (2 or 3 bedroom townhouse)
7B Front door to dining, window

Unit 7B has concrete floors with radiant heat. The sliding door backs to a private backyard bordered by a forested area.


2J Kitchen & Front Door

Unit 2J has concrete floors with radiant heat and an entrance into the covered atrium hallway, as well as an entrance to a private backyard.