Our Commitments to Each Other

The following commitments represent how we intend to treat each other on a daily basis.  These statements were created by all members, and finalized with a consensus decision on June 16, 2013.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
Give one another the benefit of the doubt: avoid making assumptions about others’ motivations or intentions.
Be humble; no one has all the answers.
When feeling passionate about a topic, pause before you speak and be mindful of your tone, volume, body language, and choice of words.
Speak only for yourself by using “I” statements or “in my opinion.”
Avoid gossip: when feeling annoyed by someone’s actions, talk to the person directly as soon as possible.
Recognize individual contributions to the group.
No personal attacks.

Honor your commitments to the community.
Listen with compassion.
Remember the helpful and healing power of humor.
Consider stretching outside of your comfort zone.

Honor the well-being of the group.
Be guided by our vision and core values in our decisions and actions.
Be flexible and willing to compromise.
Think win-win.
Be patient.
Share common amenities fairly.

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