The Land

Ravens’ Roost Cohousing, LLC purchased the last parcel of Arnold Link’s 40-acre homesite, which in 1948 was the first on Abbott Road. It is 6.2 acres of beautiful land located 1/2 mile east of Lake Otis Parkway and 1/2 mile west of Elmore Road. Arne and Norma Link will continue to live in their home as long as they wish, and we look forward to being close neighbors.

One of the members of Ravens’ Roost owns the 2.3-acre property along Abbott Road and intends to sell it to Ravens’ Roost.

Features of Ravens’ Roost Cohousing’s land:

  • Southern exposure
  • White spruce and paper birch forest
  • Across the street from Ruth Arcand Park
  • Existing bike trail along property:
    • 1/2 mile to restaurants and shopping: Fred Meyer on Abbott Rd., Carrs, other stores
    • 1/2 mile to Elmore Rd. bike trail to U-Med District and beyond
  • 3/4 mile to Hanshew Middle School
  • 1 mile to Trailside Elementary & Service High School
  • 1 mile to Hillside Ski Trails
  • New People Mover bus stop will be added at edge of property

Abbott Road Cohousing map

Call 907-399-2051 to request a tour.