Features of Ravens’ Roost Cohousing’s land and location:

  • Southern exposure
  • Mostly open, landscaped area with some gardens and gathering areas. Some open wooded areas of white spruce and birch.
  • Off of Abbott Road, about halfway between Lake Otis Parkway and Elmore Road.
  • Across Abbott Road from Ruth Arcand Park
  • Paved trails along Abbott Road and Elmore Road:
    • 1/2 mile to Abbott & Lake Otis commercial area
    • 1/2 mile to Elmore Road. Can then continue on paved trail to Elmore Park & trailhead, Campbell Creek Trail, U-Med District, Chester Creek Trail to Westchester Lagoon and Coastal Trail (take north to downtown or south to Kincaid Park)
  • 1 mile to Trailside Elementary & Service High School
  • 3/4 mile to Hanshew Middle School
  • 1 mile to Hillside Ski Trails
  • New People Mover bus stop will be added at edge of property

Abbott Road Cohousing map