Our neighborhood is a vibrant, diverse community that plays, learns, and works together to create a sustainable and enriching life.


Ravens’ Roost Cohousing is a neighborhood that creates connections and nurtures relationships.  We respect each member’s wish for privacy, recognizing the desire for community time and the need for private space.

We are committed to living in a collaborative manner, sharing our talents and interests, in both work and play, for ongoing personal and community enrichment.  We anticipate that sharing laughter, stories, games, and outings will offer a fun and interesting lifestyle.

We intend to respect each other’s needs and viewpoints, and share the responsibilities of maintaining our neighborhood.  We strive to be good neighbors to those who live nearby.

We aspire to serve as an educational model of how to live in ways that honor the web of life, each other, and future generations.


We intend to decrease our ecological footprint through energy and material efficiency in our buildings, transportation, and personal choices.  We consider least-toxic alternatives because we value clean air, water, and soil.  We aim to minimize our impact on the land and on the wild creatures that share our space.

We embrace both simplicity and aesthetics, striving to create surroundings that are both functional and beautiful.

We value the wisdom of elders and the exuberance of youth.  We welcome individuals of all races, ethnic backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities.  We strive to accommodate those who experience challenging health conditions so they may fully participate.

We encourage the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our members, their families, and our guests.  We challenge our members to think less about material things and more about the quality of our relationships.  We value the health and dignity of all people, near and far, and care about how our actions impact them.