Our Site runs east-to-west to maximize southern exposure.

The front doors of the homes in the Atrium open onto an enclosed, pedestrian-only, east-west “street.”  South-facing clerestory windows above provide a bright atmosphere.  The atrium serves as both a covered walkway and a social space in and of itself — some residents have small tables and chairs near their front doors for sharing tea and conversation with passers-by.  The Atrium connects to the Common House.

To the east of the Common House lies the Townhome Loop, with five triplexes and a six-plex.  All townhome loop residents enjoy birch/spruce woodlands behind their homes.  The central area has been landscaped with a variety of trees, bushes, and flowers.

All homes on ground level have a private back yard.  For Atrium units, back yards are on the north and south sides of the Atrium building. Vegetation screens have been or are being created between the back yards and the path, street, or parking area.

Available for Sale:

5-B (3 bedroom townhome) – SALE PENDING

5-C (3 bedroom townhome)

3-F (3 bedroom townhome) – Same floor plan as 5-C except has large walk-in shower in first floor bathroom.

Rendering Aerial May 2014

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Photo taken March 2018, before Phase 2 was completed