Development Time Line

September 2011:  Mary Miner gathers small group to create cohousing in Anchorage bowl.  Terri Pauls joins her.

November 2011:  Public presentation at museum by cohousing architect Chuck Durrett, co-author of  Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities.

February 2012:  Getting-it-Built Workshop, facilitated by Chuck Durrett & Kathryn McCamant, architects who brought cohousing from Denmark to North America.

March 2012:  Contract obtained on 6.2 acres of land off Abbott Road

April 2012:  Public presentation at museum by co-founder Terri Pauls.  Front-page article in Anchorage Daily News about cohousing project.

May 2012:  Visioning & Values Workshop, facilitated by professional consultant Terri Huggett of Day Break Cohousing in Portland, Oregon

June 2012:  Reached 6 member households.

  • Site Programming Workshop with Kraus-Fitch Architects of Massachusetts
  • Abbott Coho Land Development LLC, comprised mostly of Ravens’ Roost Cohousing members, purchased first parcel of land: 2.2 acres. ¬†15-month option begins on second, 4-acre parcel.

July 2012:  Common House Programming Workshop with Kraus-Fitch Architects.  Public presentation at Loussac by architect Mary Kraus.

September 2012:

  • Unit Programming Workshop¬†with Kraus-Fitch Architects
  • Building & Site Reconciliation Workshop¬†with Kraus-Fitch Architects

October 2012:  Submitted Application for Conditional Use Permit for Planned Unit Development (PUD) to Municipality of Anchorage

November 2012:

  • 2-day Group Process & Consensus Training, facilitated by author and professional consultant Eris Weaver of FrogSong Cohousing in Cotati, California
  • Gala Reception unveiling our design on Nov. 15 drew 150 attendees, covered by two TV stations!

January 7, 2013: ¬†Unanimous Approval from Municipality of Anchorage Planning & Zoning!¬†¬†We’re in!

Winter through Summer 2013:¬† Worked on construction documents, solicited construction bids, created Home Owners Association documents and “Commitments to Each Other” Agreement, worked to gain more members.

April 17, 2013:  Public Event at Middle Way Cafe, attended by about 100 people

September 2013:¬† Home Place LLC, comprised mostly of Ravens’ Roost Cohousing members, purchased final parcel of land, for total of 6.2 acres

Fall 2013 through Spring 2014:  Created bylaws.  Firmed up construction bids, started creating Animal Agreement.  Worked to gain a critical mass of members.  Public presentation at Loussac by Kathryn McCamant.

March 2014: ¬†Second two-day Group Process Training, facilitated by professional consultant Annie Russell of Silver Sage Cohousing in Boulder, Colorado. ¬†Finalized “Meeting Guidelines” Agreement.

Summer 2014:   Design development.  Began conversation with The Petersen Group.  Created Member Handbook.

September 2014:  Landscape Programming Workshop with Katie McCamant, finalized Animal Agreement.

November 2014:  Members have contributed 10% of their home value (this will go toward their down payment at closing).  Reached 18 member households.

December 2014:  Development agreement signed with The Petersen Group, a long-time Anchorage developer and builder.  Construction loan application submitted.  

March 11, 2015:  Reached 23 member households.  Construction loan terms letter given by First National Bank of Alaska! Members have contributed 20% of their home value (this will go toward down payment at closing).

April 21, 2015:   Ground Breaking Celebration!  Began grading site.

August 6, 2015:  Pouring concrete foundations began

August 20, 2015:  Closed on construction loan.  

August 2015 to October 2016:  Construction of Phase 1: 29 homes, Common House, Atrium, and Workshop.  Created more agreements.

October 2015:  Third 2-day Group Process Training, facilitated by professional consultant Annie Russell of Silver Sage Cohousing in Boulder, Colorado.

June 2016:  Landscaping began.  Reached 26 member households.

August 2016: ¬†Became an official Home Owner’s Association. ¬†Homes now for sale on open market.

September 2016:  Began moving in
Coho RRC 16-10-5 Phil 4BR to S
Phil & Susan were the first to move in.

Before sitting down to first meal in Common House, November 9, 2016:

April 3, 2017:  Grand Opening Celebration!  With Mayor Ethan Berkowitz & Alaska First Lady Donna Walker  

February 2018:  Phase 2 (two more triplexes) completed.

Fall 2018:  32 of 35 homes sold.

January 2019:  Fourth 2-day Group Process Training, facilitated by professional consultant Karl Steyaert of Cultural Catalyst Network and Ashland Cohousing in Ashland, Oregon.

December 2019:  All 35 homes sold.  A few are rented by the owners.