Steps to take before joining Ravens’ Roost:

  • Get to know us a bit by reading this website, especially the “What is Cohousing” page, our Vision & Values (Under “About Us”), and the “Frequently Asked Questions.”
  • Learn more about cohousing in general at Coho U.S. and the Facebook page of the Cohousing Association of the U.S.
  • Call us at 907-399-2051 to talk about your interest in Ravens’ Roost.  This is when a private tour of the one Home for Sale may be arranged.
  • [Post-Covid:  Join us for one of our community dinners, three times per week.] As of mid-May 2021, some fully-vaccinated residents feel comfortable eating together in the common house, but we are not yet inviting guests to our dinners.
  • Attend one of our monthly business meetings.
  • If you prefer to read books instead of online information:
    • Read Part 4 of the book, “Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities” by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett.  We have copies of the book that you can borrow or purchase.  There are also a few at Loussac Library.
    • Other cohousing reading material is available at
  • New residents receive a mentor to provide a personal orientation to Ravens’ Roost Cohousing.

Coho Potluck

Call us at 907-399-2051 to ask questions or request a tour.