Comparing cohousing homes to conventional condo units is like comparing apples to oranges. Cohousing homes include much more than do conventional condominiums.

In addition to having private, full-featured homes with their own full kitchens and back yards, owners of Ravens’ Roost Cohousing homes will enjoy:

– 6.2 acres of land, including both forested and open areas;
– A 3800 sq ft Common House, including large kitchen and dining area, living room / library, kids’ play room, two guest rooms, and optional laundry room (laundry hookups also available in each home);
– Other shared areas, such as a workshop/woodshop equipped with many tools; ski waxing & bike repair areas; craft area; and fitness equipment area;
– Shared and private raised garden beds and compost area;
– Plans for an orchard, root cellar, kids’ outdoor play equipment, and more;
– A rich social life, with optional shared dinners 2-4 nights/week, games, music, dancing, conversation, and other activities with neighbors of all ages;
– A safe place for kids, and other kids for them to play with;
– Parents know each other, making it easier to share or swap child care;
– 6-star energy rating;
– Every household, if they choose, can take part in decision-making by consensus.

Coho RRC 16-10-5 Workshop

Workshop is 1450 sq. feet

Once moved in, residents save money on utilities, child care, transportation (it’s easier to carpool, take the bus or bike, and you can walk to the grocery store), food (when bought in bulk), entertainment, etc.

Money is also saved by sharing equipment such as a snow blower, lawn mower, workshop tools & equipment, sewing machine, etc. Sharing skills such as repairing a bike or car, canning vegetables, learning a musical instrument or a foreign language, or brewing beer can save money and be a lot of fun.

The Common House kitchen is a unique amenity and an integral part of the community.

One of our team members, an accountant, has offered to sit down with seriously interested people to help pencil out how it may be possible to afford to live in Ravens’ Roost Cohousing.

Three 3-bedroom townhomes are still available:

One  1,159 sq. ft middle unit at $395,000

Two  1,350 sq. ft end units at $459,000

All 1, 2, and 4 bedroom homes have sold.
Call 907-399-2051 to request a tour.