Renewable Energy (REAP) Fair

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Saturday, August 10, 2013
11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Location: Downtown Park Strip

Come see our booth at the Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) Fair!  We’ll have lots of displays, and friendly members to answer your questions.  It’s a great event, offering workshops and information on all aspects of renewable energy, good food, and great people.

Ravens’ Roost Cohousing plans to model more sustainable living in several ways.  We plan to super-insulate our homes with R40 walls and R60 ceilings.  All homes will share at least one wall, and all will be modest in size.  Our architect estimates that at current gas prices, it will cost an average of only $9-10 / month to heat our 3-bedroom home of 1350 square feet.

In cohousing, much energy is saved simply by sharing many things that aren’t necessary to have in each and every home.  Our Common House will offer a large kitchen and dining area for us to share optional dinners 2-3 nights per week, but this area is also available to residents for private parties.  The Common House will have a living room with library; a kids’ play room, with shared toys; two guest rooms; and a laundry room, so that not everyone needs to have their own washer and dryer (although every unit has hook-ups if they desire their own).  Another building will have a shared workshop, bike storage, fitness equipment room, office space for lease to residents, dry storage, and a root cellar.  We plan to share vegetable gardens, fruit trees and bushes, a greenhouse, and a compost area.

All of our buildings are oriented for southern exposure, and will accomodate solar hot water panels. We plan to incorporate high-efficiency appliances, and to be mindful of our use of energy in our homes, transportation, and other daily choices.

See you at the Fair!

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